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Temecula, CA USA

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We offer many necessary services for women in need.  In fact, after your initial interview, we may discover there are multiple areas we can be of assistance. Please check below to see where we are able to help.

Faith-Based Program

We don’t merely profess faith. We seek to follow Jesus in such a way that we experience deep, transformative faith affecting our community and world by realizing our potential, discover our passions, achieve our purpose, and live lives that are whole, healthy, grounded, informed and empowered on all levels, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Everything we do is grounded in our faith in Jesus Christ.

Needs Analysis

After completing a questionnaire and conducting an in-depth consultation we are able to ascertain a woman’s needs and prepare a plan to see them through to wholeness.

Help with Life Skills

We conduct skills classes covering everything from basic banking and budgeting, meal prep and grocery shopping, to how to rent an apartment, obtain utilities, resume and interview preparation, learn the value of credit scores and many other topics all relating to basic life skills to function independently in today’s world.

Aid in Building Inner Peace

Through a combination of bible study, prayer, fellowship and self care we assist in building a path to inner peace.

Promote Independent Living and Self-Care

Through a combination of in house life skills classes and partnering with community organizations and resources we assist in establishing independent living and self care plans.

Address Mental State

Offering prayer, fellowship and community as well as spiritual counseling and referrals to community organizations and resources for licensed mental health care.

Health Counselling

Our bodies literally are the temples that house the Holy Spirit. Through nutrition, activity and self care we promote plans for healthy living and healthy bodies.

All Are Welcome

Everyone is welcome. Whatever your faith background, spiritual tradition, or lack thereof, whatever your belief system or doubts, ethnicity, culture, or marital status, this is a safe place for you to belong, even before you believe.